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Hello, and welcome to the website of Louis E. Grube, Esquire. Mr. Grube is an attorney located in Oberlin, Ohio, and licensed to practice in the State of Ohio. Currently, Mr. Grube is taking on new clients in the State of Ohio. Mr. Grube maintains a general practice, and he is capable of assisting individuals in a wide variety of matters, but here are a few examples of work he is interested in:

Criminal defense.

Filing for LLC’s and incorporating other business entities.

Drafting partnership agreements, service contracts, real estate purchase and sale agreements, or other legal documents.

Legal issues related to your political campaign, or political action committee (PAC).


Mr. Grube cannot make a decision about whether he can help you without having a conversation in person or over the phone. Feel free to make initial contact with Mr. Grube at:

Phone: (440) 290-9028

Fax: (815) 572-0034

PO Box 25, Oberlin, OH  44074


Email and voice mail policy: If you have not entered into an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Grube, do not send any confidential information via email, and do not leave any confidential information on his voicemail. If you do so, there may be legal consequences that cannot be prevented. If you are unsure whether or not you have an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Grube, you do not. If you are unsure whether information is or should remain confidential, it probably should. Mr. Grube expects that initial communications about the facts of your specific legal problem should be relayed for the first time over the phone or in person.